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Astar Prime's White Label

White Label refers to a company's right to sell the other company's product or service branded in their corporate name. It also refers to a program which makes it possible for the foreign exchange brokers to utilize a self labeled package including platforms like MetaTrader and currency rates from interbank.

Great amount of capitals and manpower will be required to launch foreign exchange brokers from the beginning. However, our white label will provide you with a complete package needed to start a relatively realistic business.

AstarPrime's White Label is subject to the individuals or corporations who are trying to enter into the online trading business.

Enables You to

Start with your
own brand name

Provides MT4

on Operation

About AstarPrime's White Label

Customers can build their original foreign exchange platform by using AstarPrime’s White Label Program. Not only being able to launch their operation with their brand name, customers may customize the operation method and trade settings that suits their own business. Our company will prepare everything needed to launch foreign exchange broker; therefore, all you need to prepare is the capital and the operation personnels.

Schedule of Starting Your Operation

Schedule of starting the white label operation is described as follows:


Contact Us

If you are interested in our white label program, please inform us from "Contacts". It may take some time but our staff will get back to you.

* We are not gathering new applications for white label at present


Interview and domestic screening

We will hold an interview prior to the agreement and screen upon our standard. Please be aware that we may not be able to provide this program to all of the individuals or companies.


Conclusion of an Agreement

If both parties agree, we will conclude an agreement. Please affix your seal on the written document, which we will send you, and agreement shall be concluded when all the necessary documents are completed.


Preparing the System

We will hold a meeting with the customers and prepare your MetaTrader4 system package.


Starting the Operation

You will be to start as our white label.

ContactAbout white label application

* We are not gathering new applications for white label at present