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Astar Prime's MAM/PAMM Account

AstarPrime provides MAM and PAMM accounts for fund managers and professional traders. Our company's MAM/PAMM account is designed to manage and trade multiple sub-accounts on MT4 platform; therefore, trade pursued by the fund manager can be interlocked with the trade of the sub-account owner.

Based upon the prior setting of argorithm and distribution method, it is possible to distribute orders and profits to the owners' subaccount. Further, MAM/PAMM account has the same function as ordinary MT4, so there are no limitations for trading.

Can Obtain
Management Fee

Minimum of 0.01 lot

No Upper Limit for
Subaccount Owners

No Limitation on
the Usage of EA

What is MAM/PAMM

MAM is an abbeviation of Multi Account Manager, and it refers to the consignment of managing metod where sub-account owner deposits the capital to the fund manager's account. In MAM, sub-account owner can view open orders and transactions at real time. Proportion of profit and loss from the fund manager's trade will be allocated to the owner of the sub-account.

PAMM is an abbreviation for Percentage Allocation Management Module and its managing method is the same with MAM. However, crucial difference is that the owner of sub-account can only view the increase and the decrease of fund management. In other words, they cannot see any open orders and transactions. This could be advantageous to fund managers because it lowers the risk of someone plagiarizing their trading method.

Characteristics of Astar Prime's MAM/PAMM Account

Our platform makes it possible for the fund manager of MAM/PAMM to acquire handling fees per trade. They may also obtain allocations of profits from their trades. The minimum trade allocation is from 0.01 lot and there are no limits to EA usage. There are also no limits for the number of sub-account owners.

Management of MAM/PAMM And Its Profit Distributions

In MAM/PAMM, fund manager can only do the settings for profitability, loss cut, parameters and so forth.
Further, profit distribution of our MAM/PAMM is in the form of success reward. Needless to say, in case of losses, the amount shall be distributed between the fund manager and sub-account owner. Please contact our support team as regards to the distribution rate.

Agreement Terms for MAM/PAMM

Please contact our support team since we have several tems in regard to opening a MAM /PAMM account.