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In order for the customers to utilize Prime Astar's services, you should take sufficient time to completely and carefully read and understand the following guideline. Your application to open the account constitutes your acceptance to this guideline.

Terms and Conditions

Any person who will pursue the trade with his or her own decision and responsibility, and agrees with our policies, may utilize our service.

Restrictions on Accounts

Conditions on account, such as leverage and so forth, may be restricted upon considering the accounts' transaction and balance.

Rules upon Opening An Account

At Astar Prime, opening of the account will be completed when all the necessary informations are filled in the application form and when accounts are validated. Customers shall submit supporting documents before proceeding to withdrawal procedure. As regards to identification document, please confirm "Depositing Method".

Rules upon Depositing

Customers may only deposit in accordance with Astar Prime's depositing method. We do not accept any deposits from the third parties, and only accept deposit from the person himself/herself. Deposits from the third party shall be returned. As regards to the depositing method, please refer to "Depositing Method".

Rules upon Withdrawals

AstarPrime will only transfer your withdrawals in accordance with our withdrawal method. We do not accept any withdrawal application by the third parties. Withdrawal can only be made from the owner of the account, Withdrawal requests from the third party shall be cancelled. As regards to the withdrawal method, please refer to "Withdrawal Method".

Rules upon Promotion

Customers may apply for the promotion only once during the promotion period. Customer, who owns several accounts, may not apply for the promotion in number of times. Please refer to each promotion page, since terms and condition per promotion may differ.

About Margin

Should the customers apply for the zero cut guarntee system, there are no need for them to deposit additional margin even when their account balance turns negative.

About Deletion And Cancellation of the Account

The owner of the account shall e-mail us when they wish to cancel or delete their account. Shall there be any reason for the third party to apply for such procedure, we will require to submit a document which will explain the relationship.

Prohibited Acts

When our company deem that the customers have prohibited the belowmentioned acts, we reserve a right to request the customers to restrain, or adjust the amount or price of the orders. Further, shall the customer continue to act in the same manner even after our request, we may ask you to terminate the trade.

  • A third party utilizing your account
  • Arbitrade with AI;
  • Cross order trading with numbers of accounts;
  • Trades using other traders;
  • Trade that we deem as inadequate; or
  • When illegal act or doubtful act has been taken.

Warnings and Indemnity for Trading

AstarPrime shall not intefere directly with the customer's trade. Customer shall be responsible for their trade and our company shall not be held responsible at any time. Customers shall pursue the trade at your own risk.

Right to Delete

AstarPrime reserves the right to edit and/or delete customer's data. Furthermore, our company reserves a right to cancell the account when the customer breaches the guideline. Moreover, Astar Prime has a right to delete an account if the transactions are not made for a certain period.

Absence of contractual relationship

There is no contractual relationship between AstarPrime and the user, such as franchising, outsourcing, consortium, or alliance.

Guidelines And The Right for Amendment

Astar Prime reserves the right to amend the guideline when they decide that there is a necessity to do so.

Jurisdiction of Governing Law

Relationship between the customer and Astar Prime, which is based upon the policy and the guideline, shall be regulated in accordance with the legislation of the country where our company is operated. Please be aware that the legislation of your residential country will not apply.


Even at times when Astar Prime do not exercise the rights, it does not mean that our company will waive any rights stated under the policy and/or guidelines.