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AstarPrime's Swap Point

Swap point is one of the profit you may earn from exchanging foreign currencies between two foreign parties, and rollover refers to extending the settlement date of unliquidated positions. We, Astar Prime, adopted the rollover method, and therefore, will account the swap point which is generated from the currency interest gap. The swap point will generate everyday from the next day you own the outstanding positions.

We Adopted

Provide Swap of High
Interest Currency

Instantly Reflects
Current Interest

High Standard
Swap Rate

Astar Prime's Rollover Method

As regard to all of the outstanding positions at GMT22:00 (Japanese time at 7:00), Astar Prime will not close at the end-of-day and reopen on the following trading day, but will book the swap point to the customer's account, according to the current interest. Please note that the rollovers will be pursued at New York Market's closing time.

Since Foreign Exchange Markets are closed on the weekends, there will be no rollovers during that time, however, please note that banks calculate the interests of the positions held, therefore, Astar Prime will book the amount for those three days on Wednesdays. For Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, it will be booked once a day.

Swap Point of High Interest Currency

Since Swap point is generated from the gap of two foreign parties' interests, bank rate of each countries will influence greatly. Therefore, depending on the trends, customers may obtain a great profit if they buy a high-interest currencies.
AstarPrime also deals with high-interest rate currencies such as Turkish Lira, Mexican Peso, Southern African Rand. Nowadays, many people are interested in Swap Managements with such high interest rate currencies where they can save the SWAP points. However, we advise you to pursue an adequate trade since swap point may fluctuate depeding upon each countries' interest standard or balance may reverse.

About Overnight Position

Overnight position refers to open trades that have not been liquidated by the end of the normal trading day. Swap points by rollover will generate on the overnight position. Swap point generated from rollover may only be applied to physical transactions, and it will not generate to future transactions.