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AstarPrime's Margin And Leverage

Margin refers to the minimum deposit to position in the market, and thus, it is somewhat like a mortgage. In foreign exchange, its significance is that it is possible to manage a small amount of margin (capital) by utilizing leverage effects and operate a bigger amount than the actual capital. Leverage refers to a mechanism which enables to magnify the trade with a small amount of capital.
AstarPrime have prepared a trading environment which may satisfy a wide range of traders from beginners to experienced traders.

Efficient leverage
of 500:1

zero cut

Warning by
margin call

No change in
the margin rate

Efficient leverage of 500:1

We provide a leverage of 500:1 at maximum; e.g., if the customer selects the leverage of 500:1 leverage, he/she may pursue a trade of five million yen with hundred thousand yen capital. As you can see, it is possible to trade with big money if the customer sets the leverage in high rate. In other words, customers may acquire a considerable profit by controlling a relatively small capital currencies.
At the same time, please be aware that leverage may also multiply the potential risk when you trade with high leverages.Therefore, we recommend the customers to fully understand its risk and to start the trade with low leverage.

Guarantees zero cut

As the leverage increases, the risk will also multiply and there will be a possibility that the position will not be closed and your margin will reach to minus. However, with the zero-cut guarantee that we have adopted, even if the margin balance becomes negative, if you apply, you do not need to make additional margin or additional deposit. Zero cut guarantee refers to the guarantee system where we do not claim the loss which exceeds the margin. Customers may manage the leverage with low risk. We believe that customers shall be able to trade with no additional deposits for high leverage trades since there may be a high fluctuation of markets.

Warning by margin call

Margin call refers to a warning from the foreign exchange brokers to request for additional deposit of margin when your account equity drops under zero. Margin call will activate when your account drops to minus at the time of position settlment.
When your account equity drops below 50% of the margin, which is needed to maintain your open position, we will notify you with a margin call warning you that you do not have sufficient equity to support the position.

No change of the margin rate at nights and weekends

At AstarPrime, the margin requirements do not change during the week.