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AstarPrime's Execution

Execution refers to traders' selling or purchasing orders being executed. Orders are being executed when it is finally ascertained and settled.In Astar Prime, 99.53% of all the orders are executed within a second, and we will further pursue to settle the orders in the future with our best execution possible.

Astar Prime has adopted the most popular trading platform in the financial industry, MetaTrader4. All orders including market order, limit order, and/or stop price orders can be made on this platform. It is possible for the customers to trade 24 hours with smartphones and tablets. Moreover, there is no limit for order positions.

99.53% of all the
orders are executed

No requote and no
rejections of orders

Automatic loss cut;
20% or less

No hidden
handling fees

99.53% of every order will be executed within a second

Customers are provided with a high quality system developped by our significant team members and there are no intentional requotes nor rejections. Furthermore, our company executes 99.53% of every order within a second. We hope that all customers will experience our idealistic environment for the trade. However, there are possibilities for the market to fluctuate actively, therefore, please note that we do not guarantee the customers for the executions.

No requote and no rejections of orders

Requote refers to when the foreign exchange broker rejects the desired price and requote it. Rejection refers to the rejection of foreign exchange brokers to trade with the desired price. Our company is adopting NDD method which trades directly with the financial organization of the interbank markets; therefore, provides a clear trading environment with no price manipulations. There will definitely be no requotes and rejections.

Automatic loss cut is 20% or less for margin maintenance rate

Automatic loss cut refers to the level setting which automatically closes the outstanding position to minimize the customer's loss. Our company will pursue margin call when margin maintenance rate goes under 50% and execute automatic loss cut when margin maintenance rate goes under 20% or less.

No hidden handling fees

Astar Prime always tries to provide the customers with the fair and clear services. Hidden fee refers to the handling fees charged without the customers being aware. We do not charge any of the hidden fees.