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Astar Prime's Management Principles

AstarPrime was released by establishing foreign exchange broker, based upon our initial ideal which was to become a bridge of investment for people. We believe that investment is essential in times where prospects are uncertain.

We, AstarPrime, aim to share our experience in financial area where we have nurtured capitals and would like to contribute to people so that everyone could live in a societry where they can depict the future and their dream.

AstarPrime's management principle is to provide a new trading service for eveyone. We have reflected the customers advice and demands so that we would be able to continue providing an excellent investment environment. We would continue improving our market environment, platform and support sysytem so that we can provide a better environment for the customers.

Why Choose AstarPrime

Astar Prime aim to provide trade services for every person, starting from the beginners to investors. Reasons to choose Astar Prime as foreign exchange broker are as follows:

You Can Open A New Account within A Minute

You can open an account only with 3 easy steps. You don't even have to turn in your identification document.

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Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

You can deposit or withdraw 24 hours a day. We will try to correspond to your needs as fast as we can and will aim for a safe and quick processing.

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Support System by Experts

Well experienced experts are always here to answer to your questions.

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High-class Spread

Based upon the rates obtained from several counterparties, we distribute rates with stable and advantageous spread

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Efficient Levearge of 500:1

You can trade with our high standard leverage of 500:1. Aim for efficient profit acquisition by utilizing our leverage.

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Replete Partnership

We have prepared various items to meet your needs, such as our IB reward programs.

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